Are you an employee of the Vitalité Network - Zone 1B? If so, you can make a contribution to the CHU Dumont Foundation by participating in the staff lottery. 

Each pay period, you have a chance to win $1,000 by deducting $5 from your pay. This lottery is voluntary-based for all CHU Dumont employees and enables the Foundation to keep doing its work, implementing projects that help improve healthcare services locally for the whole population

For more information, please contact the Foundation directly. 

Jokers Wild (Employee Bonus Lottery)
For each pay period, a participant will be chosen and will draw a card from the deck of cards. You pull the lucky Joker, you win the accumulated amount. You pull another card, you earn a consolation prize. When the accumulated amount is not won, it is added to the amount of the next pay period!

How can you participate? It's quite simple! You can request a deduction of $2.00 from your pay. However, with this bonus lottery, we want to make things even more exciting! For those who want to participate every now and then and also for those who want to buy extra tickets (you know, when the amount gets REALLY interesting!), you are able to buy tickets every week. You can do so at the Foundation's office, located at the entrance of the hospital, for $2.00 per ticket. Whether you want to register by deduction from your pay or if you simply want to participate from time to time, both options are available. Obviously, the level of participation will fluctuate the accumulated amount. Make sure to check Méditech to stay informed. 

A reminder of the game;
50% of the collected amount will go to the CHU Dumont Foundation, and the other 50% will be added to the pot. If your number is picked, you'll get to choose a card from the deck. If you pick the Joker, you will win the jackpot. If the Joker is not picked, the card will be removed from the deck and you will receive a consolation prize of $ 50. Thus, the jackpot will increase each time the Joker is not picked. Your chances of picking the Joker will also increase since there will be fewer cards in the deck.

Winners - April 7, 2021

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