There is a whole array of ways to make a contribution to the CHU Dumont Foundation. One way is through planned donations. 

Planned donations are pledges made towards the Foundation through your tax or estate planning. It gives you an opportunity to commit today to making a donation at a later time. It’s an easy way to contribute to the efforts made by the CHU Dumont Foundation to improve healthcare services and implement its projects and activities. 

Here are some examples of types of planned donations:
  • A bequest contained in your will allows you to name the CHU Dumont Foundation as the beneficiary of a cash donation, the donation of the proceeds of a retirement fund, or the donation of other assets. You can bequeath a particular asset, or all or part of your estate in your will.
  • A Life insurance policy allows you to make a substantial donation at a minimal cost to you. A fully paid life insurance policy can be transferred to the Foundation; you can purchase a new policy naming the Foundation as beneficiary and pay the premiums during your lifetime; or you can simply bequeath an existing policy to the Foundation in your will. Planned gifts can also be made in other ways. We recommend that you consult your professional advisors when making a gift.
  • Investment donations allow you to donate securities, stocks and listed securities on the stock market or any other investment on your behalf. It’s therefore possible to transfer these investments to the Foundation. We also recommend, in this case, that you call on us and your planners when making your donation.
For more information, or to arrange a donation, please contact: 
Thérèse Thériault, Director - Major Gifts and Planned Giving
506 869-2738
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our mission

To fully engage partners and the community in improving health care services offered by the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

Every donation made towards the CHU Dumont

makes a substantial difference in the delivery of health care.

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