September 11, 2016 – The 2016 edition of the Drive was held on September 10 and attracted one hundred car enthusiasts who raised $52,000 ‎toward improving the quality of care offered at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

On a beautiful warm, sunny day, 40 cars covered nearly 500 km travelling to various exclusive destinations. The Drive is a fundraising event aimed at car enthusiasts who care about their community.

Once again this year, funds raised during the second edition of the event will be used to purchase a da Vinci Surgical System. This machine will be used in the new operating unit, currently under construction in the Hospital Centre. The da Vinci system offers numerous safety features, allowing surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures as effectively as with conventional methods. Surgeries performed using this system require smaller incisions, resulting in less bleeding, reduced postoperative pain and shorter hospitalization times for patients.

“As a physician, I want my patients to have access to the best possible care,” says Dr. Luc Boudreau, Urologist at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre and the initiator of The Drive. “To achieve that, it takes quality staff, cutting-edge equipment, and modern, well-designed infrastructure. I think it’s clear that we already have highly qualified professionals who care about their patients’ well-being. With regard to infrastructure, in a few years, we will have a new operating unit. We want this new workspace to have the best equipment available so we can treat patients more effectively and efficiently. That’s why we want to purchase the da Vinci machine.”

The Drive 2016 is sponsored by the Lounsbury Group, which owns and operates BMW Moncton, Chevrolet Moncton and Audi Moncton.

“For the second year in a row, this event has surpassed everyone’s expectations,” says Benoit Boudreau, General Manager of Audi Moncton. “The itinerary was kept secret until the participants arrived at each activity. We travelled from surprise destination to surprise destination, while raising significant funds toward the purchase of a machine that will benefit the entire population.”

Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Development Manager at the CHU Dumont Foundation, is also very pleased with the success of the second edition.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, as well as to our many sponsors. We just experienced a wonderful day, and on top of that, the funds raised will go to a great cause, and will make a significant difference in the quality of care offered to patients.”

The Drive offers car enthusiasts an opportunity to spend a day driving together while contributing to health care services offered at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre. The itinerary is a surprise from one destination to the next.

In 2015, 50 participants raised more than $28,000 toward the purchase of the da Vinci system.


Since 1983, the CHU Dumont Foundation has played a key role in patient care at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre. The Foundation’s contribution to improving healthcare services is vital, and helps ensure the hospital is well equipped with cutting-edge equipment. The CHU Dumont Foundation also contributes to implementing and improving community wellness programs. More than 49 million dollars in donations have been invested providing excellent patient care at our hospital.

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