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The 2017 edition of The Drive raised $90,000 to improve patient care at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre. More than one hundred participants took part in the third edition of the activity, which was held on September 9th.

On a beautiful sunny day, 53 cars covered over 500 kilometers travelling to various exclusive destinations.

Again this year, funds raised by The Drive will go towards the purchase of specialized equipment for the new surgical suite currently under construction.

“As a physician, I want to have access to the best tools available so that my patients receive the best care”, explains Dr. Marc Savoie, Urologist at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre and member of The Drive’s organizing committee. “We already have a highly qualified medical team at the Hospital Centre and soon, we will have a new, modern and adapted workspace. With some work and some effort, we can ensure we also have the best equipment and tools.”

The Drive 2017 is sponsored by the Lounsbury Group, which owns and operates BMW Moncton, Audi Moncton, and Lounsbury Chevrolet Moncton.

“We are proud to be a title sponsor of this fundraising activity that benefits the health and well-being of our community”, indicates Mr. Kendall Underhill, General Manager of Lounsbury Chevrolet Moncton. “Participation in activities like The Drive allows for important development projects and the acquisition of equipment for our hospital to go forward which, in the end, benefits us all.”

Mr. Paul Maillet, participant, certainly plans on taking part in the activity again next year.

“The Drive always promises a fun day, full of surprises and always delivers; but it is more than that. We have to remind ourselves that we are doing this for an excellent cause. Our health is the most precious thing we have. At one point or another in our lives, we will all need medical treatments and it is in those moments that we realize the importance of having access to the best health care services here, at home. This is what The Drive represents and that is why I support it.”

Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Development Manager at the CHU Dumont Foundation, is pleased with the success of this third edition of the activity.

 “Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, as well as to our many generous sponsors. We just experienced a memorable day, and on top of that, the funds raised will go to a great cause and will make a significant difference in the quality of care offered to our patients.”

The Drive is a fundraising activity for the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre that appeals to luxury car enthusiasts who have the well-being of their community at heart. It is an opportunity for a group of people with a common interest to drive around together for a full day making a few stops along the way at exclusive and carefully selected locations. The route is kept secret. At each stop, participants are given a map with directions only to get to the next stop. The day wraps up with a cocktail followed by dinner.

 Last year, the activity had raised $52,000.

 On the photo from left to right:
Mr. Joël Levesque, Co-Chair of The Drive; Dr. Luc Boudreau, Co-Chair of The Drive; Mr. René Collette, Chairman of the CHU Dumont Foundation’s Board of Directors; Mr. Benoît Boudreau, General Manager at Audi Moncton; Mrs. Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Development Manager at the CHU Dumont Foundation.
Participants in the Tour of Hope 2017 can safely say “mission accomplished”. The 70 cyclists crossed the finish line late Sunday, greeted by friends and family at Assomption Place in Moncton.

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The Tour of Hope, presented by National Bank, is an annual fundraiser supporting the Tree of Hope Campaign. Proceeds are used to purchase highly specialized equipment; train highly-specialized teams at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre; purchase equipment for satellite units in northern New Brunswick; support cancer research efforts; and update the Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge in Moncton. In 2016, the Tour of Hope raised more than $113,000. 

“We just experienced another incredible adventure!” says Dr. Carole Williams, gynecologist-oncologist and co-chair of the Tour of Hope 2017. “We received another warm welcome as we passed through various communities. We really felt that people were there to support us, and that makes a huge difference when you’re taking on such a physical challenge. We had the opportunity to mingle with other participants, make friends, and share the reasons we decided to take part in the Tour of Hope. The adventure will be engraved in our memories for a long time.”

Tour of Hope’s organizers are thankful for the support of the partners who made the 2017 edition a success. Jacques B. LeBlanc is President and CEO of the CHU Dumont Foundation.

“The Tour of Hope is a real team effort. In addition to tackling a physical feat, covering 650 km in 4 days, participants also stepped up to call on their friends and family to make donations. We are very grateful for the public’s generosity. We are also very pleased to have the support of National Bank, who has been behind this event since its very beginning. We would also like to sincerely thank Assomption Life, Fitworks and Groupe Savoie, without whom this edition would not have been possible.”

The following sponsors also supported the Tour of Hope:
  • The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Campbellton Campus;
  • New Brunswick Community College, Miramichi Campus
  • La Polyvalente Cité des jeunes A.-M.-Sormany in Edmundston
  • The Village of Grande-Anse
  • The Village Historique Acadien in Caraquet
  • Coop IGA Dieppe
  • Coop Tradition Saint-Louis-de-Kent
  • Jean Coutu Pharmacy Dieppe
  • Ambulance New Brunswick
  • Carter’s Septic Tank Service
  • My Days Off Auto Detailing and Auto Accessories
  • Taylor Ford Lincoln Moncton
Réjean Després, Vice President, Personal and Commercial Banking, Atlantic Canada was co-chair of the event for the second year.

“We all know someone who is fighting or who has fought cancer. The Tour of Hope is a perfect example of a fundraising event that brings people together and helps patients while promoting healthy living habits. I think we can all tip our hats to the 70 participants, who did remarkable work. And let’s not forget all of the volunteers, including several National Bank employees, who were there to support participants during the four intense days of cycling. Without them, none of this would have been possible!”

According to Claude Paré, Vice President of the Provincial Cabinet for the Tree of Hope Campaign, the Tour of Hope 2017 was a success on all fronts. 

“I would like to sincerely thank the cyclists and the entire support team! They were able to pull off this incredible feat, and we are extremely proud to be able to have them as members of the Tree of Hope family. They showed courage and determination, inspired by those bravely fighting cancer. We are stronger together, and I assure you that funds raised during the 2017 edition will make a significant difference in the quality of care offered to patients in New Brunswick.”
GOLF17 1The Scotiabank - BMW Moncton Golf Classic was a resounding success again this year, raising $90,000 for the CHU Dumont Foundation. Funds raised will be used to purchase two pieces of equipment: a Berchtold LED Surgical Light which provides the highest quality of light for surgical procedures; and a Voluson S10 ultrasound system that offers exceptional image quality, as well as advanced tools helping health care professionals make critical crucial decisions in all confidence.

“It’s just incredible,” says Dr. Sylvie Nadeau, obstetrician-gynecologist at the CHU Dumont and member of the organizing committee. “The Golf Classic has become known as a must-attend summer event, and this year was another one for the books. Thanks to those who participated, we are able to continue to improve the quality of care offered at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre, and we are very appreciative!”
GOLF17 3
The 16th edition of the Golf Classic was proudly sponsored by Scotiabank and BMW Moncton. Co-chairs Chris Bacich, General Manager of BMW Moncton, and Emile Albert, Branch Manager at Scotiabank, are very pleased with the outcome. 

“We really couldn’t have asked for better,” explains Mr. Bacich. “Participants had fun while supporting a great cause. BMW Moncton is extremely proud to support the CHU Dumont Foundation in improving patient care.”

Emile Albert agrees with Mr. Bacich. “What a great day and a fantastic result! We are thrilled with how smoothly the event went and at the amount raised. In supporting the Golf Classic, Scotiabank hopes to have a positive impact on the community. I think we can say “mission accomplished”.”

For René Collette, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CHU Dumont Foundation, the number of participants at the 16th edition of the Golf Classic and the size of the cheque presented at the end of the day are proof that the community values the improvement of patient care at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

“Every year, we are impressed by the public’s participation in the event, and this year was no exception. The support we receive shows that people believe in the cause and want to make a difference. The money raised will be used to fund projects that will improve patient experience at the CHU Dumont. Thank you to everyone and see you next year!”

On top of a round of golf on the beautiful Fox Creek course in Dieppe and a delicious steak and lobster dinner, participants at the 16th edition of the Scotiabank – BMW Golf Classic were entered to win a travel package worth $6000. 
The fourth edition of A Beacon in the Night was a huge success thanks to the hundreds of people who came out to show their support for a holistic approach for recovery from mental illness. The event took place on June 16th and 17th at l’Université de Moncton.
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The photo shows Dr. Gabriel Girouard at the piano, with Brigitte Sonier-Ferguson, Regional Director - Research, Scientific Development, and Training. Credit: Ben Champoux 

More than 500 participants attended the most electrifying running event of the summer in Moncton on Friday, June 16. The event raised $20,000 in support of the Breast Health Centre at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre. Funds raised will be used to purchase prosthesis and mastectomy bras for breast cancer patients.
“It was an incredible experience,” says Dr. Jocelyn Hébert, surgeon at the Breast Health Centre and President of the organizing committee for the event. “The support we have received from the public once again this year is really heartwarming. You can tell the community is behind us. The funds raised will make a considerable difference in the lives of patients here in New Brunswick, and we are so thankful.”

Again this year, participants were invited to walk or run the 5 km route. The race started at 9 p.m. from the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre in Moncton. The atmosphere at the finish line was festive, with a reception and refreshments for the participants.

“Clearly the community has answered our call once again, and came out to show their support for the Breast Health Centre, patients and staff,” explains Jacques B. LeBlanc, President and CEO of the CHU Dumont Foundation. “The Electrifying Night Run is a great example of a fun, family event that brings the community together. On behalf of the Foundation, thank you to all those who participated.”

Tink Swetnam is a patient at the Breast Health Centre. For her, the event holds a very special meaning. “As a patient, I have to say it’s really touching to see all these people come together to support the cause. I really felt they shared a sense of solidarity with my own fight against cancer. We had a lot of fun, and the participants left knowing they made a positive difference in the lives of patients affected by breast cancer.”
The 2017 edition of the Tour of Hope will be the largest since the event’s inception in 2011. A total of 61 cyclists have registered for the event, which will take place from July 27th to 30th.
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“We are thrilled at the number of registrations,” says Dr. Carole Williams, co-chair of the event and Gynecologist-Oncologist at the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre. “The cyclists who take part in the 2017 edition of the event will quickly learn how gratifying it is to participate in an event that brings people together.”

One lucky participant will win a travel package worth $6,000!

The CHU Dumont Foundation is pleased to announce the return of the annual Scotiabank-BMW Moncton Golf Classic. The event will take place at the Fox Creek Golf Club in Dieppe on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Last year, the Golf Classic raised $80,000 for the improvement of services offered at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

This year, one lucky participant will win a travel package worth $6,000, including two tickets to attend a Formula E race in Montreal, airfare, hotel, access to the VIP lounge, a ride around the track in a BMW i8, a tour of the pit area, and more!

An impressive sum of $106,000 was raised to benefit patients of the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre during the CHU Dumont Foundation’s Annual Valentine’s Day Gala, held February 11th. 
IMG 0436
From left to right:

The evening's Emcees Camille Bourdeau and Jonna Brewer; Mr. Dennis Abud, President of the Valentine’s Day Gala organizing committee; Mrs. Nathalie Gasse Farrah, Development Manager, CHU Dumont; Mrs. Nadine Duguay-Lemay, Regional Marketing Manager – CWA, National Bank; Mr. René Collette, Chairman of the CHU Dumont Foundation’s Board of Directors; Mr. Jacques B. LeBlanc, President & CEO of the CHU Dumont Foundation.

DSC 0869
The 2016 edition of the Drive was held on September 10 and attracted one hundred car enthusiasts who raised $52,000 ‎toward improving the quality of care offered at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre.

On a beautiful warm, sunny day, 40 cars covered nearly 500 km travelling to various exclusive destinations. The Drive is a fundraising event aimed at car enthusiasts who care about their community.

DSC 0761

On August 24, 2016, the CHU Dumont Foundation announced the second edition of The Drive, a fundraising event that caters to car enthusiasts in the region.

Once again this year, funds raised through The Drive will go toward the purchase of a da Vinci Surgical System for the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre. The da Vinci system offers a number of safety features, and will allow surgeons to perform less invasive procedures as efficiently as with conventional methods. Surgeries performed using this system will require smaller incisions, resulting in less bleeding, reduced post-operative pain and shorter hospitalization times.

It was an emotional moment on Sunday, July 24, as some 50 participants in the 2016 Tour of Hope crossed the finish line in Moncton after cycling a total distance of 650 kilometres in three days.
Tour16 2

The 15th annual edition of the Scotiabank-BMW Moncton Golf Classic was a huge success, thanks to the participation of over 40 teams and the support of generous sponsors and partners. The event was held at the Fox Creek Golf Club in Dieppe, on Wednesday, June 29th.

“We’re extremely pleased with the turnout,” says Chris Bacich, Director of BMW/MINI Moncton and Co-Chair of the 15th Golf Classic. “The cause is so important, with proceeds going towards the purchase of equipment and improving infrastructure at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton,” says Mr. Bacich. 

René Collette is President of the CHU Dumont Foundation’s Board of Directors. Again this year, he was overwhelmed by the strong support from the community and the various sponsors. “This event is very important for the CHU Dumont Foundation. I can assure you that the money raised here each year is very well spent, and is directly used to improve patient care at our Hospital Centre. On behalf of the Foundation, I wish to thank all the participants and sponsors for their continued support.”

Moncton’s very first “Electrifying Night Run” was a huge success, with 400 people participating in the fundraising activity, on Friday, June 24th at 9pm. 

The event took place in a festive atmosphere, and$10,000 was raised to help support breast cancer patients. Participants had the option to walk, run, or combine both on a five-kilometre course.The start and finish lines were located in front of the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre, on Providence Street in Moncton.

Réjean Després et Dre Carole Williams

From the 22nd to the 24th of July, some fifty cyclists from all over New Brunswick will get on their bicycles and ride for three days, covering a distance of 650 km, to raise funds for the Tree of Hope Campaign.

A new terrace located at the entrance of the Extended Care Unit (3E) officially opened its doors at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre earlier last week. The area situated in the inner courtyard of the university hospital centre will provide space that offers rest and relaxation for patients and their families.

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